Online learning - take your people on a journey
Transform how your people develop with flexible, practical and cost effective online training

Online learning - take your people on a journey
Transform how your people develop with flexible, practical and cost effective online training

Online management skills modules

Take your participants on a learning journey with our online digital platform, accessible anytime, anywhere

We offer a range of online management skills modules, all robustly designed which include activities and exercises that participants will be required to develop and practise 

Why choose online learning?

  • Do you want to provide the same training over various geographical locations or do you have shift or remote workers? 

We understand that the co-ordination of this type of training can be challenging and costly. Our online management skills modules provide a flexible, cost effective alternative. 

  •  Do you want to enhance your face to face learning by providing support or tools to be used back in the work place at the point of need? 

To really support participants with their management challenges, they need tools that can be accessed as and when they require it, sometimes long after they attend a workshop. By combining online modules with face to face or virtual workshops you provide participants with their own learning journey that they are in control of. Take a look at our blended learning section for more information. 

  • Do you want to embed learning and encourage sharing of ideas and best practice within your organisation? 

Our online platform provides a community space where participants can share their experiences and ideas, and an online expert is on hand to provide support throughout your participants learning journey. 

If you would like to learn more about online learning and development, please get in touch 


  • What do we do?

    What do we do?

    We will work with you to understand your challenges and to provide practical, tailored and affordable online training and development for your people, so they can bring out the best in your business. We have online modules to help improve a wide range of management skills from having those difficult conversations to developing your people's ability to delegate effectively.

  • How do we work?

    How do we work?

    We know there are hundreds of online training courses out there, which can make it hard to find what you want.

    We believe we are different. 

    Our interactive, practical online training will meet your challenges and make an immediate, visible difference in your organisation. Each participant can be matched with one of our experts to support them through the online learning journey. Our aim is to leave people more energised, confident and capable. 

  • Why The Learning Huddle?

    Why The Learning Huddle?

    We understand many of the issues that you face because we have all - 

    • Worked for a number of larger organisations across a range of sectors so have a wide breadth of experience 
    • Worked for a number of years with Contact Consulting - our partner international management consultancy. 

    This exciting partnership means that we can now offer online learning journeys and blended learning programmes.