Invest in your people to bring out the best in your business.
We can help with practical, tailored and affordable training and development solutions.

Invest in your people to bring out the best in your business.
We can help with practical, tailored and affordable training and development solutions.

Try our People Performance Snapshot


How people’s performance is impacting on your business


Welcome to our Snapshot which will show you how people’s performance is impacting on your business.

What is it?

This short questionnaire evaluates how well you think your business attracts, retains and gets the best from people.

Our Snapshot should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and indicates how well your organisation is:

  • Achieving High Performance
  • Recruiting the Right People
  • Getting the Best from Others
  • Building and Managing Great Teams
  • Managing Change
  • Focusing on the Customer 

On completion a graphic which captures your top line results will be automatically generated.

If you leave your email address, you will also receive a much more detailed free PDF report which highlights what is going well and provides some pointers on how your people performance might be improved.

When you request your report, why not also take the opportunity to request a free 30 minute review meeting where we can discuss the results in much more detail with you?


How do I fill it in?

Please rate each one of the following statements honestly indicating how strongly you agree or disagree with it.

1 If you strongly disagree with the statement
2 If you disagree with the statement
3 If you agree with the statement
4 If you strongly agree with the statement

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1) We apply a consistent and objective process to choosing the best candidate for a job

2) Managers encourage people to find new and better ways of doing things

3) Managers address our concerns about change openly and honestly

4) Praise and recognition is given regularly for doing a good job

5) Managers act in a way that inspires a can do approach in others

6) It’s do as I do, not do as I say round here

7) There are regular team meetings

8) Conflict is openly explored and resolved

9) Managers take great care to recruit people with the right values, attitudes and capabilities

10) Everyone is clear about what we are trying to achieve and how we are doing

11) The company responds effectively to changes in the business environment

12) People here are always willing to help each other

13) People are given feedback to improve the way they perform

14) The benefits of new ways of working are explained to us

15) People in this business always treat customers with respect

16) Team members strengths and development needs are identified

17) Objectives and targets are stretching but achievable

18) Responsibilities are delegated to so others can learn

19) Managers are prepared to challenge and to address difficult people issues

20) Teams are supported when things aren't going well

21) Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined

22) New starters are given a structured introduction to the company and to their job

23) Managers are seen, have presence and impact

24) We are aware of the external forces that are driving change

25) Customer feedback is welcomed and encouraged

26) Managers are skilled at utilising the different talents within the team to deliver business goals

27) We generally have a wide selection of suitable applicants to choose from when recruiting

28) Managers set a good example in how they behave towards customers

29) Managers support individuals to learn from both positive and negative experiences

30) We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to customers' needs

31) We are treated firmly but fairly

32) People are encouraged to contribute their suggestions and ideas

33) Managers create opportunities for people to learn and to develop

34) People can progress in this organisation

35) When interviewing applicants for a job, our managers are very skilled at drilling down to get the right information

36) Managers ask for suggestions on how changes can be made

37) Customers complaints are responded to positively

38) People are well matched to their jobs and to the organisation

39) We are open to new ideas

40) Everyone puts customers at the heart of what we do

41) We know what is important to our customers

42) We never compromise, we're always pleased with the people we recruit