Online learning - take your people on a journey
Transform how your people develop with flexible, practical and cost effective online training

Online learning - take your people on a journey
Transform how your people develop with flexible, practical and cost effective online training

Helping you to recruit successfully

Find the right person at the right time in the right job

Are you always happy with the people that you recruit? Do they always fit in well to your organisation?

Successful recruitment will always save you time and money

There are lots of benefits to great recruitment strategies.  Businesses that recruit successfully often - 

  • Enjoy an excellent reputation for customer service because people are well matched to the organisation and to their jobs
  • Save time and money in the longer term by getting the right people in the right jobs
  • Have a low staff turnover 
  • Make sure energy and resource is devoted to attracting the right people
  • Have a structured and objective recruitment process
  • Make sure managers are trained in selection and a planned induction programme exists
  • Have a stable workforce which contributes to a positive workplace which drives growth 
  • Have a great track record of internal promotion.              

Why not get in touch for a free meeting to explore where you need some support.

Whether you need specific help from creating job descriptions to interview skills training, or you would like support in implementing a full recruitment strategy, we can help you recruit successfully


  • What do we do?

    What do we do?

    We will work with you to understand your challenges and to provide practical, tailored and affordable training and development for your people, so they can bring out the best in your business. Whether its getting people working together better, recruiting the right people, improving your management skills or dealing with the impact of changes in the business, we can help.

  • How do we work?

    How do we work?

    We know there are hundreds of training courses out there, which can make it hard to find what you want. We believe we are different. We don't provide prescriptive training, or 'off the shelf' theoretical content. Our practical training will be specific to meet your challenges and make an immediate, visible difference in your organisation. Our aim is to leave people more energised, confident and capable.

    As well as providing tailor made 'in house' training for a group of employees, we also run open workshops across the local network, as well as one to one, individual development.

    We also understand the value in networking locally to watch out for our regular 'huddles' to support this.

  • Why The Learning Huddle?

    Why The Learning Huddle?

    We understand many of the issues that you face because we have all -

    • Owned or worked in small and medium businesses
    • Worked for number of larger organisations across a range of sectors so have a wide breadth of experience
      • Worked for a number of years with Contact Consulting - an international management consultancy helping organisations develop their people. Using this experience with The Learning Huddle we are excited that we can offer smaller, local companies the same expertise as we currently provide to companies like Louis Vuitton, Nestlé and Audi through our work at Contact Consulting.
    • Enjoyed bringing our expertise to the fantastic local businesses with The Learning Huddle.